This looks like too mainstream but only for the Geeks out there. Disable WPS Button on Router is not yet followed by many people. In this article, you’ll learn the disadvantages of having a WPS Button turned on in your router.

Disable WPS Button On Router

Reason To Disable WPS Button On Router

So, What is WPS? WPS stands for WiFi Protected Setup. Every router has a modern encryption standard used for assigning a Password for the SSID ( WiFi Network Name )

WPA-PSK is the one use popularly for that. Here PSK stands for a Pre-Shared Key. Which is connected with WPS?

Normally what happens is a Passphrase is saved in the router’s WPS section and can be pushed to WiFi recipient’s device to enable connection without entering a Passphrase while establishing a connection.

What’s the downside of having a WPS enabled

When a WPS button is activated, then the router can push the password to the device to which it is connecting, and the most of the password will be in an unencrypted state.

Let’s say your password is about eight characters length. Then the first four characters is transferred as plain text, and the remaining four characters are encrypted, and It takes like a day or so to decrypt the password

Before explaining the danger of having a WPS button enabled on your Router. Let’s check some of its advantages then and now.

Why is WPS Button on Router still used?

One of the cases is that having a WPS enabled on your Router is a huge plus if you’re or your parents are not techy enough to figure how WiFi Works.

Most of the old people are still new to technologies like WiFi so many like to use WPS to cut the hassle of connecting to it by remembering the password for the WiFi

Let’s demonstrate it by an example. I would rename my WiFi SSID or Network name to something funny like ” MOM, Use this for Internet.” ( Source for this Network Name and to check more like these: 250+ Funny WiFi Names )

Then I would say to Mom just to turn on the WiFi, and then you’ll find ” MOM, Press this for Internet,” Click on that and go to your router and Press the WPS button to get connected.

How Hackers take advantage of this to hack your WiFi?

Black hat hackers follow a procedure known as War Driving which is a  is the act of searching for Wi-Fi wireless networks by a person in a moving vehicle.

Then they’ll take advantage of routers that have WPS enabled and get the password within 24- 36 hrs max.

Several operating systems comes pre-built with hacking tools to do that like Kali Linux. Which can be easily dual booted on Windows and even can be installed on your Android Device. Here, is a quick video on how you can use dual boot Kali Linux and Windows 10 in 6 minutes; please check it out.

It’s easy for them because WPS enabled routers broadcast passphrase now and then in a span of 24hrs.

Then they can use your WiFi to commit crimes. It’s better to remember passwords than depending on WPS.

I would strongly recommend everyone to follow this for greater security.


WPS is going to die soon because many routers nowadays are shipping with a QR code authentication to connect WiFi rather than WPS.

Google recently launched an app called Google Lens at Google I/O which will scan the QR on the router and lets your device connect to WiFi Network with typing the password.

Google Lens WiFi App

But this is a router that is shipped in 2017 and high priced ones are taken care of actually labeling with a QR but what about older routers?

Even if they ship with QR labeling, they still use WPS. So it’s time you disable it. Hope this article helped you protect your WiFi Network.