Whatsapp has been in use for the past few years, and it is said to be world’s best and largest messenger application. Also, Whatsapp aids in emphasizing the family close together. The application has been used by millions of users due to its simplicity and best User Interface. The updated feature in Whatsapp application lets some users use the messenger application. This is even more attractive as the company of Whatsapp introduced features such as status, story, short videos and GIF images.

Whatsapp aids

Whatsapp aids in emphasizing the family close together

One of the users who use social media application to a vast range states his experience about the usage of the messenger application. His statement includes: I was born and brought up in India and relocated to New York City four years before. However, I’ve always had family all over the world.

Regardless of having high-speed internet, approach to Skype, Yahoo Messenger, and several other conversation tools, approximately every interaction was face to face. This wasn’t the greatest argument, but this signifies that for years we were not able to build the most entertaining part of our family life the time when we remain altogether.

My family is large and hard intertwines so to be extended around the world for years at a time ever felt drained.  A few months before my aunt, who is ten years older but considerably shrewd than any of us, initiated a Whatsapp group for our family.

We, in general, use it for life events such as birth statement, graduation, a birthday or else for a new job. In our day to day usage of Whatsapp, it has on the whole altered the way we interact. Now I could passionately give good advice to my entire family instantly, and they could all strike in with their crazy comments.

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My family’s participation is broad from peculiar in India, and many families make use of the service a large more than we do. It’s not absolutely fair why Whatsapp has taken off so fast there, but one day it was universal it’s 200 million users and emerging at a rapid clip, up from 160 million in November.

Since Whatsapp is much reasonable than texting, as most Indian carriers do not provide endless texting but do provide reasonably cheaper data plans. The inclusion of free voice and video calls were a standard extension to the app’s small feature set.

Whatsapp has entirely changed the way the vast feed of the country broadcast, and it has found its presence everywhere ranging from politics to minimarket shopping. The app has restrictions and of course, a big one being that it is only a mobile.

There are web and desktop based applicants, but they need the phone to be on and linked to the internet. At first snap, Whatsapp may appear like any other messaging application, but the firm’s mind-boggling 1 billion monthly active users are no calamity.

The firm has been laser-directed on accomplishing the mobile apps speedy, trustworthy and as extensively available as possible. In progressing countries, Whatsapp projects out with its leading performance on poor internet connections where apps like Facebook Messenger trying hard to load.

Bygone the years, Whatsapp has processed itself into the texture of how my family and millions of others interact. Before six months I missed my grandfather. I had just reappeared to New York for my final semester of college, and it wasn’t reasonable for me to go to the funeral. My sister, also perplexed in college, couldn’t be present at either.

Whereas the rest of my family appeared the funeral and finished the whole day all at once, my sister and I were apart for other continent thousands of miles apart. We were disappointed and speculating how the rest of our family was hindered.

At once, the Whatsapp group came into existence. My mom sent my sister and the photos of all the members of our family smiling to bolster us that all of us were sad, but stayed fine. My sister and I come back with our selfie, and soon our family was encouraging each other from across the world.

Like a lot of Indian households, mine come together around continuous cups of hot tea. As part of my family resides in my hometown of Mumbai, these opportunities when the whole family has situated around in a living room, drinking cup after cup of tea were few and far bounded by.

When Whatsapp was owned by Facebook in 2014, many Americans had never listened to it and didn’t find out the outrageous sum of $16 Billion dollars. For a lot of Indians, the firm’s largest market, we implied altogether. Whatsapp demand is not a hunting feature or a pioneering technology even though they do have some of that.

Whatsapp interesting nature lies in its effectiveness of use. Each one of us ranging from grandparents to young children can make use of it easily, which makes it an essential app for a family based country like India.

The Whatsapp group assists as the digital ditto of sitting around the living room, drinking an endless cup of chai. It’s not effortless to interpret a feeling of such confidence across a half dozen time zones, but Whatsapp comes much closer.

Is it possible for Hike to beat Whatsapp in establishing A Payments Platform?

Whatsapp rival Hike Messenger plans to set up a payment mechanism on its application which will be linked to the payments interface. One such idea will make the messaging app to have the power ahead of other applications like the Whatsapp.

In accordance with a report in the Economic Times, the app may establish an end to end payment not beyond the app and supports a platform for accomplishing digital transactions like making recharge for mobile phone consent.

The report also states that the app is in discourse with an Indian bank to take care of the rear operations of the payment services. The biggest messaging app in the world Whatsapp examines India as its largest market with about 200 million users, may also set up payments related to UPI and Bharat Interface for Money.

By establishing payments, Hike would evolve into the closest rival to Whatsapp, which is outlining to set payments in India within the next six months, with respect to recent reports.

This UPI-based digital payments service lets the user establish payments or shop applications in appropriate with the application itself. This technique is similar to the Whatsapp enterprise which makes use of UPI for transactions. As suggested by the reports, the hike may establish the feature within the next few months.

At the same time, Whatsapp insists the establishment of service in its app would be within the next six months. Simultaneously, Hike will also turn into the India’s largest UPI-based platform as it has beyond 100 million users of which 90 percent are from India. Somehow, there are few apps such as BHIM, PhonePe, and others, but it is impossible for them to overcome the Hike users.

Moreover, Hike digital payment services might take off the controversy of calculating the benefits to transfer the money. Most importantly, UPI is approved by Government of India. Hike messenger has bridged a milestone of 100 million users all over the India. Likewise these, Hike Messenger also presents some more attractive features like Hike Direct, Stickers, etc.