Enjoy gaming experience in an entirely different way with virtual reality. VR Games with Bluetooth Controller are so addictive that once you get on with playing it, it would be hard for you to restrain yourself. Considering the ever increasing popularity of virtual gaming in the society, various gaming developers have emerged in the market and are continuously providing gamers with new options of VR games. With the vast variety of Scary VR Games and other games available, we have brought for you the best from the lot to help you make a choice from.

VR Games with Bluetooth Controller

Some Cool VR Games with Bluetooth Controller:

1. Dreadhalls

Have you ever dreamt of waking up in dark dungeons? Well if yes, then this gaming experience is going to turn your nightmare into reality. You shall begin your gameplay in the dungeon where you are not alone but will be accompanied by some scary creatures. Owing to the graphics and fantastic story line, the game manages to achieve the top place in the list of best free horror games. The only thing which keeps you going in the game is your desire to survive and never give up kind of attitude.

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2. Caffeine

It is one hell lot of crazy game which shall provide gamers altogether a different experience. There are puzzles in the environment, and the pinch of horror is added to every bit of it, making it one of the most exciting games to play. The game begins at a coffee mine where you are left alone, and you don’t have any idea about how to get out of the place.

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3. Lost in the Rift

The game shall leave your heart pounding as you run the marathon. This gameplay gives you a short horror experience which will last for minutes even after you remove the VR gear. The graphics in the game has been set up in such a way that it continues to scare you unless you give up. Alone in Rift, has been set up with fantastic music and environment which keeps fear triggered in the mind of player till the end. It is indeed one of the best free horror games available which can be chosen by players to experience fear.

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4. Rec Room

It is one of the best multiplayer games which enables you to enter the social club and join other players to experience the range of activities. Some of the activities which can be performed during the game include disc golf, paintball, etc. The animations and customizations in the game are outstanding that makes you feel like you are a part of Wii Sports of VR games.

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5. Raw Data

While playing this game, users get the chance to fight off robots using pistols, shotguns, katanas and also a buddy. During the gameplay, one can choose amongst different characters and missions making the highly rated game completely fun to play.

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6. Hover Junkers

It is a multiplayer flying and combat game which makes efficient use of room scale controls. Depending on the size of the chamber, choice of ship is made which is designed for defenses. Once your ship is ready, physically duck into it and use it to destroy your enemies. It is quite fun and fast game to play and is must download for all the new VR gamers.

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7. Fantastic Contraption

The game was originally introduced in the market in 2008 for mobile users; however, now it has been launched again as a VR game.During the gameplay, users are required to build weird and fantastic contraptions which are perfect for solving the puzzle. While it is easy to create problems, it might get difficult to keep moving them in the right direction, and this is one sole reason which makes the game super interesting to play.

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8. Audio Shield

The game is a combination of both exercise and gaming which can be enjoyed on your favorite tunes. There are different difficulty settings and shields available, enabling each player to make choice of their own to make their game interesting to play.

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9. The Climb

It is one of the fantastic first person games which exposes the player to gorgeous and hyper-detailed scenery that is worth checking out. While playing users feels thrilled which is just sufficient for turning the gaming experience into an amazing one.

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10. Chronos

It is an atmospheric game wherein player is on the mission to save their homeland from evils. During the game, your homeland turns into a maze with monsters all around it. Adding VR enhances the experience of playing the game making it feel as if everything is happening for real.

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The Last Words

Above mentioned were some of the best VR games available in the market that is a must try for individuals who wish to experience VR gaming in real terms. For users who would love to experience horror in extreme terms they can choose from scary VR Games available above or can even look for other options available on web or market.