A bigger vocabulary can be certainly helpful. From impressing your potential employer to offering a great support in your line of work to writing a high-quality essay, larger Vocabulary Apps For Adults can offer you with great benefits.

Best Vocabulary Apps For Adults

10 Best Vocabulary Apps For Adults

If you are among hundreds and thousands of such people who wish to have more extensive vocabulary but don’t have enough time to enroll in a course or work a way out through the dictionary, then you are among hundreds and thousands of such people who wish to have a bigger vocabulary but don’t have enough time to enroll in a course or work a way out through the dictionary, then your android phone can be a great alternate!

Your smartphone can be a powerful tool to explore and learn new words, enhance your vocabulary and strengthen your command over the language. There are tailor-made apps that make learning new words painless, time-saving and absolute fun. You can use these apps while drinking coffee or morning walk, without spending additional time. So, check out the 10 best vocabulary apps for your Best Android Smartphone.

1. Busuu

The simplest and fastest way to learn new English words is through Busuu. This app gives you easy access to the broad group of English speakers and learners. The audio and visual materials in the app offer a fun way to practice and improve your hold on the language. The team of native English speakers works as a great solution if you are stuck on a phrase or a word. If you have trouble regarding pronunciation, spelling, accurate usage or any other genre of English, then this is the best app for you.

2. Advanced English & Thesaurus

English learning is not simple, and there is always a scope for improvement. The proper arrangement of verbs, nouns, adverbs and adjectives is required, and if you are using a digital dictionary, then this task becomes much simpler. This app allows you to scroll through pages with a simple upward swipe. If you are looking for a precise solution, then you can search it easily through the function tab.

3. uVocab Trainer

This is an excellent vocabulary trainer that can help you learn new words and then test your skills. The words are presented in analphabetical order, and you can tap one to see the description. There are unlimited numbers of questions asked in the test that stops when you get tired. With uVocab Trainer, you can track your progress and re-study correct answers to questions that you have answered wrong.

4. Voxy

If conventional English learning seems to bore to you, then you can spice up your learning with Voxy. This app introduced new lessons on a daily basis. Besides lessons, it also presents flash cards, news stories, puzzles, and more such fun ways to enhance your overall English learning. Apart from helping you to build a strong vocabulary, Voxy can also help you to learn thecorrect pronunciation of difficult words and improve your vocal English language skills.

5. Merriam – Webster Dictionary

There is no better option for an English learner than having a comprehensive dictionary in hand, and this can only be provided by the Merriam-Webster dictionary app. This app is included in almost every English word, along with its respective meaning and usage explained. The best thing about this app is that you can use it even if you don’t have an internet connection. It comes with the amazing offline database. Also, if you wish to listen to thecorrect pronunciation of any word, then you just have to select the option, and you would be able to listen to it. The ‘word of the day’ tool in the app allows you to learn one new word daily, but that can be used only when you have an active internet connection.

6. com Flashcards

Vocabulary building can be really fun if you install the app – Dictionary.com Flashcards. This app allows you to learn English with theuse of flashcards, and hence, ensures that you don’t forget the word and its respective meaning. You have to create an account or log into the Facebook account to select the daily updated flashcards. After this, you would be introduced with flashcards with different words and their meaning. You just have to swipe the cards and tap to see the meaning of your preferred word. There is also a speaker button inbuilt in the app that lets you hear the pronunciation of a word.

7. Miss Spell’s Class

If you go for this app, then you would not just learn all the new vocabulary words, but you would also be able to understand its meaning, learn its spelling and hear its pronunciation. This app develops your spelling knowledge with the help of numerous puzzles, quizzes, and tests. Each quiz comprises 20 words that you need to answer for their spelling, meaning, and pronunciation. If you make a mistake, then you would be penalized for 10 seconds. Once the quiz is over, you can then review your mistakes. So, with this app, you would not just be able to build your vocabulary, but will also be able to develop speed and accuracy.

8. SAT Vocabulary

It is an excellent app that provides learners the ease to learn English with theuseof clear and simple techniques. You can tap through different words, and you can select any one from them. The app can then be set for words you are unfamiliar with, and hence, aim at providing you only new words.

9. Words, Words, Words

This app is the best solution to build and test your vocabulary. You can learn more new words by tapping its ‘Learn’ feature. The words are presented with their meaning, pronunciation, and usage. The quiz options make it fun and easy to learn English vocab.

10. Vocab Word Game

With this app, you can select the accurate meaning of a word. If you fail, then the app will present the correct answer to you, and new words would be unlocked to learn. With an internet connection, you can also play with others using this app.

So, pick an app and get building your vocabulary to start availing the benefits of being an English language expert.