Twitter is undoubtedly one of the largest social media platforms in the world and considered one of the safest and secure networks to share your feelings with the world. Twitter has more than 300 million registered users, and most of them are many subscribers of it. Here, we were sharing with you some great Twitter Tricks and Hacks which you will never know.

Twitter Tricks and Hacks

But, I bet that you haven’t tried or even know about some special abilities or tweaks of Twitter. Twitter has some special tweaks which are very useful and enough to blow your mind when you try them yourself first time.

Thus, without any further due let’s check out some of the most amazing tweaks which Twitter has to offer you.

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Some Awesome Twitter Tricks And Hacks

1. Go beyond the 140 character limit

That’s the limitation of Twitter which bothers people the most. When you have to say something in detail or want to express your feelings broadly, the only hurdle while doing that is 140 Character limit of Twitter. But there’s a nice Twitter Tricks and Hacks from which you can go beyond that limit without any problem.

To do that, you don’t have to write the tweet in the Twitter box directly. Instead, you have to write it in a text Application on your smartphone or any word processing software on the computer and then click a screenshot and share that image as your tweet.

The trick is also available for limited usage so, be careful.

2. Quickly Add Emoji from your Mac

This hack is actually for all the Mac users. The 140 character limit may restrict your feelings, but the usage of emojis can help you well in expressing your feelings, being in the limit of 140 characters.

Now, on a smartphone, it’s very easy to find and use those emojis, but in desktop, it’s simply a headache, but using a simple hack, you can change that forever.

You can quickly bring up the emoji character chart or set. To do that, just take the cursor to the text field and press Control, Command, and Spacebar keys at the same time.

3. Let Siri do all the tweeting for you

If you want to tweet something very badly and you’re not in a condition to all the typing, then you can let Siri do all the hard work and tweet for you. Sounds interesting right? It will be way more interesting when you will use it yourself. Here is the tutorial to do so.

For Android

  1. Start Google now. And then, say “Ok Google.”
  2. Then, say post to Twitter.
  3. Now, at last, speak same words you want to tweet, and the tweeting will be done within some seconds.

For iOS

  1. First of all, start Siri. And hold down the home button.
  2. Than, Speak “send a tweet.”
  3. Speak the same words which you want to tweet.
  4. Then, click on confirm to confirm the tweet, and that’s it you’re done.

4. Keyboard Shortcuts

There are lots of keyboard shortcuts for Twitter which can make your navigation within Twitter fast and smooth, that way you can make tweeting and other stuff on Twitter.

To know about the twitter shortcuts you have to press Shift and? At the same time and the chart with all Twitter shortcuts will appear. From there you can check many Twitter shortcuts.

Thus, were top 4 Twitter tweaks which will change the way you use Twitter forever.

Final Words

Finally, in the end, I’ll say that all the tweaks mentioned above are legit and very easy to apply. So, follow those instructions without any second thought, and you will be able to change the way you see and use Twitter forever.

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