Robots are gradually taking over the world. Initially it was believed that a very small number of robots would be used to perform certain actions in the specialized fields around the world. With the passage of time we have seen that in almost every field of the world the robots are performing their duties. Robots are the specialized programmed machined that are made on purpose to perform certain actions.

Robots in the field of medical: In United States robotic system is used in hospitals for brain injuries, dislocation of bones in spinal cord, neurological issues, and oncology. Most of the medical institutes use robots forknees surgeries, eye treatment, endoscopy, DNA and molecular biology. It is also beneficial for diagnosis of disease which cannot be identified by different medical tests. The work load of doctors has been reduced after the introduction of robots in the medical field.

Robots prevent the transfers of infection from one patient to others: according to the research,robots prevent almost 70 percent of infectious diseases transferred from one individual to another. Robots are mostly used to maintainhygienic requirement in the intensive care departments in the hospital area. In developing countries cancer treatment is now the most successfully treated disease which required less time for recovery.

Robots use in urban areas of the world:Robots are now being programmed to work in the rural as well as in urban areas. In urban areas they don’t have the advance technology to treat the patient who is suffering from serious medical issue. In the result of natural disaster like earthquake, robots are much capable of handling or helping the doctor in those areas. Robots have the capability to facilitate the doctor in operations at such remote areas.

Robots have high surgical precision: In robots there are 3D fine advance program is used. Due to the accuracy in treatment robots have higher demand in the market. They are mostly used in dedicated operations like treatment of spine. Robots are used in enlargement of blood vessels in brain, heart and radioactivity treatment. Robots also help us in treating physical disabilities.


Author Bio: The guest post is written by Emily Jordan. He was the president of advance  Custom paper writing service medical biotechnology laboratory which work on the robotics advancement. Emily Jordan and his coworkers work on the 3D technology which is used in robots.