With the vast improvement of technology more sophisticated social media apps are dominating the social media platform. The rate of smartphone users is increasing rapidly thus the user of social media apps in their smartphone also rising. Choosing the Top Social Media Apps is important to ensure your efficiency that helps you to keep connected with your circles.

Top Social Media Apps

Social media apps are blessing for social networking. While your phone becomes smarter day by day so you should be most intelligent with top social media apps. It’s worth to say you don’t need to pay for the top social media apps that deserve.

I have tried a lot of social media apps but here are some top social media apps that not only I but also most people keep in their phone or tried at least once ever.

Top Social Media Apps


Whether you believe it or not, you hardly get individuals who haven’t Facebook Profile. In a statistics shows that in the first quarter of 2017 there are total 1.94 billion monthly active Facebook users. So it’s obvious that you can’t ignore this most popular social media platform and miss the chance of connected with large people. Facebook is now a big e-commerce marketing platform. Almost every company is trying to seeking their customers focus on Facebook promotion. So it is worth to say, Facebook is the top social media apps still in 2017.

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Twitter is another most popular social media site to get real-time news and updates rapidly. You can follow celebrities and elite people over the world. You will get their updates in no time through Twitter. It has 140 characters limited text format that is great to know the exact news in short. This is another top social media apps that I recommend to install now.

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Nowadays Instagram is getting immense popularity because of its great photo sharing feature. It has almost 400 million monthly active users who are sharing their daily life photos. In 2012 Facebook own Instagram for 1 billion dollars. After this time Instagram getting much publicity for its exciting photo filter features, and now it is one of the most popular social media platforms. Be sure you have Instagram in your Smartphone.

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Pinterest is mainly an Infographic sharing platform where people can pin others photo in their boards and share with their followers. It is a giant photo collaborating media. Don’t miss to save interesting and informative photos on your boards. Get this free top social media apps now.

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Google Plus

The search engine giant Google creates thier very first social media platform named Google Plus in 2011. Google Plus is the fastest growing social media platform till now I see. Google plus is quite similar to Facebook. You can share your photos or thoughts with your circle and able to share others post with your circles or communities. If you love to keep connected with more real people, then don’t regret to download this social media app.

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I mention this platform here for two reasons. Linkedin is the largest social media platform for professionals. You can connect with a lot of professional people and have the chance to share your qualification and skills with the professionals. This social media helps you to manage a job as well as build a strong relationship with corporate people. The Linkedin app is available for android and ios both user.

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Whatsapp gives you free access to send voice call or message without any limitation. Whatsapp is now very popular for video calling. People are connecting with each other along with video accessibility. Download this app now and start talking with your friends and family for free.

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Are you confused about why I’m mentioning this app here? This is one of the best social media management tool with that you can manage your all top social media profile together. This premium app from Hootsuite gives you a lot of access in several social media together and makes you efficient to connect with more people.

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Did I miss anything? I know there are a lot of social media apps in the web store. I am just sharing the top social media apps that are most popular and free.