Do you want to promote your business on social media platforms with zero investment?

Running a small business at initial days has lots of challenges. You can’t invest much in advertising, marketing as you have a limited budget.

But there are social media platforms where you can promote your business with no money involved.

Whether it’s Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook) or Tom (Myspace), they all started with a small business concept and became popular by using social media.

It’s almost a decade now, if you look at the Facebook community, or Zuckerberg’s followers, they are huge in numbers.

Yours could be next!

Back in 2008, only 24% percent of the U.S. population had a social media profile.

What’s The Current State:

The current social media landscape has changed drastically. Now in 2017, 81% of U.S. population has a social media profile.

You can take these stats into account like, if you are running a business and want to reach out to your target audience, social media is the key for you. 🙂

You can interact with your consumers on a personal level and can convert casual users into potential buyers.

Some interesting facts:

  • 90% of small businesses are using Facebook to promote their business.
  • 24% of small businesses are not on Social Media.
  • 50% of small businesses plan to invest in Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube in 2017.

Before I tell you how you can promote your business over social media network, I would suggest you build a social profile for your business.

If you have one already, go ahead and use these social media networks to leverage your business.


Everyone has a Facebook profile these days. It’s most popular social media platform in the world. People write in depth about their queries as there is no limitation of any character counts.


Small businesses can create a brand page or a personal page on Facebook and interact with users on a wide scale.

You can create events on Facebook, share business news, provide customer support, run targeted ads and reach out to potential clients.Know how to use Chat on Facebook without Messenger App

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Twitter adds value to small businesses. Besides user engagement, it can be used for businesses to respond to customer’s queries, providing customer support, and solve user concern promptly.


Twitter also provides actionable insights. Small businesses can get feedback from their clients in real time – what they are saying about their services of activities and the industry as a whole.

Managing your Twitter profile actively will help you to reach more potential clients, and of course, if you proactively monitor everything, it will keep you ahead of the competition.


Instagram is a big platform for small businesses. The network has over 600 million users globally and a million monthly advertisers. With Instagram Stories, users and businesses can share daily moments with customers. It’s been found that 80% of Instagram users follow at least one business.

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The platform can be used to share user-generated content besides sharing products, moments and photos with users. You can host a giveaway for your users along with a hashtag for the best use of the product and see how you can improve user’s engagement.

Instagram is also coming up with integrated booking function for small business owners to allow users to book a service directly through the app.

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LinkedIn is the largest social platforms for professionals. It’s a great networking platform that makes it the top choice for B2B companies.


Small Businesses can take advantage of LinkedIn groups and connect with other businesses to share stories, best practices and build relationships with the target audience.

Another way could be to write content on relevant trends in their specific industry and share it on LinkedIn.


YouTube is the biggest video platform. You can post video content to boost the visibility and credibility of your business.

If you have a great product which you want to promote, you can do a quick analysis of problems that your product can solve and make tutorial videos.


Your audience is already there on YouTube watching lots of videos. If you could reach out to them with a solution to their problems, it will help you in getting customers and of course branding.

Final Words!

Every social media platform is unique and offers different demographics business owners to promote their business. If you take the above five social media platforms on a serious note, you can capitalize the most out of them.

You can offer great customer experience, reach out to more clients using those social media platforms.

Do let me know which social media platform you are using for your business and how it is working for you?

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