Though Samsung Galaxy S8 is new, latest and up to the mark according to the 2017 but all these qualities can’t overtake its successor, Samsung Galaxy S9. The flagship device which will be launched in 2018 has been in talks from now.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Rumors

According to reports, Samsung has started the production of Galaxy S9 but hats off to Samsung the way they have kept their lips tight. They haven’t even announced the date of launch of Galaxy S9. So, in this article we will be talking about the rumors and its specifications expected.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Rumors

The Samsung is one of the few companies who are innovative and capable enough to push the technological envelope every time with a new device they launch yearly. Similarly, the Galaxy S9 will raise the technology level and it will come with latest android version.

Nowadays, every company is eager to develop a new technology with its innovation and ideas. So, it may happen that Samsung takes advantage of this advancement and bring a stalwart device to the market.

Network Connectivity

You will be glad to know that Samsung Galaxy S9 will be powered by a 1 Gbps LTE Cat16 allowing users to enjoy LTE networks and even upcoming 5G networks. As the use of internet has been raised with a great amount, so it would be necessary for network operators to upgrade it to 5G networks from 4G. So, this next generation device should be capable of supporting 5G networks.


The screen size of the Galaxy S9 is rumored to be of 5.8 inches with a Gorilla Glass 4 which would protect it from being scratched and broken. It would be amazing to see it with Gorilla Glass 4 even on its back. The edges of the screen would be curved that it would increase the viewing angle. Not only this, the screen is expected to be made with such a technology that it would bounce off water.

The screen is rumored to be of 4K quality with a resolution of 4096*2160 making it best to view a video or movie. The 4K video quality is latest till now and would be great gift for cinema and game lovers.

Samsung is signing deal with Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). ORNL is developing a screen coating that will be resist the dust and dirt. Moreover, that coating deflects the light and leaves no fingerprint smudges. Through this the Samsung will take the water resistance to the next level. According to ORNL, there should be a contact angle of at least 150 degrees to make the surface water resistant. And the company gives a coating that gives the screen an angle more than 155 degrees which means this coating is applied to the device it would bounce off the water.

Near Field Communication

NFC would make this phone stand out of the crowd. This exceptional feature enables the short-range communications between the devices which are compatible. The NFC would require a transmitting device and other device that will receive the signals from transmitting device.

Artificial Intelligence

Samsung Galaxy S9 would come with artificial intelligence. Samsung has recently acquired a startup which is developing artificial intelligence. Engineers of the company are working to their best to develop this feature in the Samsung Galaxy S9 to rival the Amazon’s EcoDot. Viv is the name of the startup that Samsung has acquired to give a next generation feature to the Galaxy S9.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Specs

Battery5, 000 mAH
Camera FeaturesGalaxy S9 dual cameras,Optical image stabilization, Geo tagging,, HDR, auto focus
Camera – Front13 Megapixel
Camera – Rear21 Megapixel
ColorsBlue, Gold, Black and White
Memory64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 830 processor
Screen Display5.8-inch Bezel-free Display with resolution of 4096×2160