The revolution in the digital world is the fascinating trend not only in the world but in India as well. Earlier India was lagging few steps back from world’s blooming trends in advanced technologies. But after swift flourishing of digitalization globally, the gaming industry also took a new phase. The global gaming industry is itself a game of billions. The console gaming and mobile gaming market together hold a profit of about $108.9 billion. Many analysts claim that mobile gaming is the more profitable branch in gaming era.

If we talk about Indian gaming market, then with more launching of new gadgets it is also increasing with rapidness. The economic value of gaming market is not newly introduced but flourished since 1999. Till 2016-2017 Indian shared about $543 million in gaming market of the world, which is of course not worthless. The speed of this advanced business field is improving day by day.

However, the speed is still bound in limits with few “Richie-Rich”. As with increasing demand for smart gadgets like tablets, laptops, and smartphones, the gaming market is turning with swift moves. More the utilization of these handy gadgets in India, more the revolution in the gaming business. The number of users of smart gadgets is growing each day and so is the demand for new games. Smartphones with Android are still quite pocket-friendly and user-friendly, the tremendous expanding of both the business of phones and games is strengthening each day.

Statistics of gaming industry claims that India holds fifth place globally when it comes to game downloads and will rank more above in more coming years. Even analysts are expected that India will surely surpass both Russia and Brazil in coming time. The expansion of gaming market in India will share more than 1.6% in the global industry which indicates a rapid revolution. The statics of gaming industry in India will surge and stretch India’s GDP too.

Domestic Business In Gaming:

The domestic industry of gaming is not new in India, but now get popular these days. The old firms of Indian gaming include Nazara and Indian games, which were established in early 1999. with more growing months in the year 2000, many new folks in Indian gaming market were introduced like, Games2win, Maujamobile, Ace2three, Zapak, and Rummycircle. These new companies gained a lot of attraction by many Indian and even acquired attraction by Walt Disney.

Many smartphones firms like Octro and Moonfrog Laba are triumphing and tapping users to play casino games like Teen Patti and Rummy. In fact, gaming firms such as Play simple are hunting imagination of world users with games like Dhoom 3, Sultan and Bahubali, named after Bollywood blockbuster movies.

Upcoming Trends In Gaming In India:

•Indian are more keen to use latest gadgets and can spend the huge amount of bucks on buying of game. So Indian gaming industry is flourishing as the new profitable business. In fact, gaming firms also hold freemium concept which attracted the wide population of smartphones.

•Money efficient and quiet cheap VR headsets give more base to gaming fans and gaming industry to spread the web of games over the internet.

•Cloud computing model, PaaS is one of the latest opportunity for Indian Gaming Firms to startup their gaming business within the short span of time and money, without looking for giant infrastructural sites.

•With attractive levels and trailing videos of games, people are encouraged to play more by paying more, this is an excellent business strategy by gaming firms to deepen their roots in India.

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