has played an important and dominant role in the area of education since the technology has taken over the world. Education and media are important for learning; they form and transform a society. It has a huge impact in reforming the lives of present as well as the future generations. Media has embellished education and education has promoted media. Through electronic media, we have an almost everything at hand- books, articles, journals, newspapers, games, lectures etc which were not easily accessible without the help of electronic media.

Electronic Media and Education: The development of internet as a global media has enabled education to evolve to a great extent. Many people, who do not have the opportunity to take interactive classes, benefit from the online education programs conducted through online media. There was a time when these programs were administered with the use of compact discs, books and paper documents but today, the time has changed. Online lectures, programs or modules are made available to the students to get help from.

Online media does not restrict anyone; teachers and students both can learn and provide useful information to the audience. There’s no such subject which online media doesn’t talk about- mathematics, economics, sociology, geography, religion, history etc, all fields are taught and discussed.

Examinations made easy:

Even examinations are now easily held through online media. There are a number of programs which impart knowledge on how to deal with the fear of examinations and instructions for its preparation. Sample papers are also provided to inform the students about the format and structure of the paper. There are also a number of sites on the internet which provide online tests on every area of study so that learners can examine themselves in a better way.

Mobile devices are also of great use in this regard. Students store all their notes in it and study from there.

Inclination towards education:

Students have found motivation towards learning and education with the help of media. It has greatly facilitated their lives and has persuaded them to cope with the current educational system. It has changed their idea of education. Introduction of electronic media has given a new meaning to it and has made it more entertaining.

Redefining the system:

It is agreeable that the school’s effective social environment is the backbone of its essential performance. With technology being responsible for the transmission of information, schools must be redefined around the important part they play in bringing about opportunities for socialization and human interaction.

Negative impacts:

There are some negative influences of electronic media on the students such as:

  1. Students rely on the available information for providing answers and do not focus on learning something new.
  2. Social media sites are a big distraction nowadays. Students who constantly check their social networks end up with absolutely no focus on studies which results in bad performance.
  3. Spending time on social networks makes student less social in person which destroys their self-confidence and are unable to communicate effectively.


Author’s Bio: The author of this post is Marie, she graduated in Mathematical Sciences and is working as a lecturer in  essay assignment help as a research head analyst.