Google is frequently changing its search algorithms by applying different Panda and Penguin updates to its algorithm, which is intended to make the search even better and much more accurate. In this process, many blogs and sites are falling behind, or losing their rankings in the Google SERPs, and ultimately observing a significant drop in traffic.

But, not all websites are suffering from these websites, in fact there are websites which are befitting from these updates as they completed all the things that are checked by these updates, or they have satisfied Google to rank their pages higher even after these updates.

If you are one of such blogger who have recently observed a significant drop in traffic, then stop worrying about the thing, and start reading these following points that I am going to discuss, which will help you recover your blog and prevent it from getting affected by these updates.

Make no place for low quality articles

We often write articles in a hurry and complete an article by just including the points in brief, without putting much content for the readers and publish it. These articles are considered as low quality articles, which contributes a lot to make your blog get affected by the Google Panda update.

Google has started to think more like a human than a bot, and as we all hate incomplete articles or articles of low content, Google hates them too. So, if you are having such low quality articles on your site, then you better start thinking about those.

Now that you have known about low quality articles and how they can damage your blog, you might be wondering how to solve this problem. The first thing that you should do is either remove all the existing low quality articles from your blog, or edit them and put relevant content to it, which would be helpful to the person reading the article.

Another thing you can do is to accept only high quality guest posts for your site, if you accept guest posts on your site. There are many writers who would hand you a guest post of low quality of mere 300-400 words, you should reject those articles and accept only those articles, which have enough content to satisfy your readers.

Make sure there are no “replytocom” pages


If you are using WordPress, then you might want to check your blog for replytocom pages, which are might be generated every time someone comments on your blog posts, if that is not already prevented by some plugin or your WordPress theme.

These pages just contain the comment and nothing else, so they are considered as low quality pages by Google, and they will affect your ranking in Google in present in a huge number, which is possible if your blog gets a lot of comments.

You can check if your blog generated these kinds of links or not by hovering your mouse cursor over the date and time of any comment on any of your blog posts. If your blog generates these type of pages then the links will look like this,

You can remove these type of links by using SEO by Yoast plugin for WordPress. For more detailed information about how to remove these type of links, you can have a look at this article,

If Google has already indexed these pages on your blog, then you should immediately remove these links by using the URL Removal tool from Google Webmasters panel, as shown above.

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Make sure there are no attachment pages

WordPress has another weird feature, which generates a page for each of your blog posts attachments, which are generally images and videos that you share on your blog posts. These too are considered as low quality content by Google like the previously mentioned replytocom pages, as these pages contain  only the image with its title as the content.

Removing such pages is extremely necessary to maintain your blog’s ranking in Google SERPs. You can manually remove all these links by editing your posts, viewing the options for the photos present in the post and then choosing to “Link to Image” so that the image links to the image file present in your server.

You can also use SEO by Yoast to redirect these attachment URLs to the images itself, so that whenever any Google bot accesses these attachment URLs, they are redirected to the photo itself.

Make sure you don’t have a bad linking neighbourhood

Blogging is all about cooperating with fellow bloggers and linking to articles present in another blogger’s blog which may be relevant to the topic that are currently talking about in your posts. In this way you get links from many other sites, as well you link to other sites.

However, in this process, you might be linked by some sites that don’t fall into your niche or are certain sites that are marked as bad sites by Google, and similarly you might also link to these kinds of sites. Well this is a considered as a very bad practice by Google Penguin algorithm.

You should not have a bad linking neighbourhood for your blog. However, you might not be able to control the links that you get from other sites, but you can surely control the links that you give from your blog posts. Therefore, this is an important factor for surviving the Penguin updates.

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You should not link to a site, which falls, outside your niche, and sites such as SEO marketing and other similar sites. If you will link to these sites then your blog will be hit by Penguin updates and rest you know the consequences.

For example, if you blog is based on Technology, you should link to page which is based on Wooden Chairs or Toys for kids, and something like that.

If you have already linked to these kinds of sites, then take your time, remove each such link from your blog posts, and wait for Google to re-index your pages and improve your search rankings, if you are already hit by the Penguin update.

This concludes the article, you should be having your blog bulletproof against these Panda and Penguin updates by Google after following these above four points. I hope that you will be able to recover your blog fully as well, if you are following these above points. Do leave your comments below, and let me know if you have any suggestions or queries regarding these updates by Google.