You are out for shopping and realize that you have forgotten your wallet at home. But yes, you have got your gift cards in your various favorite stores. So now enjoy the shopping.

Yes, gift cards resemble a card and are identified by specific code or number. They can be reloaded several times through payment and thus can be used several times. It is a stored value money card issued by a retailer for various similar business transactions instead of cash.

Gift Cards

Gift cards can be purchased from or from the various retail stores that issue the same. They have a particular validity period till which they can be used. After this time the gift card balance expires. The gift cards can be redeemed by signing up for the online accounts or can be done manually.

List Of 5 Best Gift Cards To Buy Particular Services

1. Amazon Gift Card

Shop for the loved ones during sale then why not buy the gift card from Amazon. Amazon provides a particular gift card you can buy and give it to your loved ones by giving their address. They can be redeemed only on purchase of specific and eligible products. The purchase is deducted from the redeemed gift card balance. Amazon says the gift cards can be purchased from denominations ranging from 10 to 20000.  Any unused gift card balance expires after one year of issuance. And yes more than one gift card can be used. But you cannot pay some of the money from one gift card and the rest by another. Only one gift card can be utilized for this purpose.

According to Amazon, one cannot buy a gift card using a gift card.

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2. iTune Gift Card

Once a free iTunes gift card is redeemed some card credits goes to the apple id. These credits can be used in the app store, iTunes Store and Bookstore as long assigned in through the Apple Id. The credits stored in the gift card are used for every purchase till it expires.

If one has Apple music subscription billing, then the amount is deducted from the iTunes gift card. The card can be redeemed manually or by using the app.

It sometimes says scams occur. A person receives the call to make a payment by purchasing iTunes gift card from the nearest retail store, but it is to be kept in mind that the gift card can be redeemed only in the stores.

Surprise your friends and family with Itunes Gift Cards so that they can choose whatever they want from the App Store on their devices, as well as the iTunes Store and iBooks Store.  These gift cards are easily available and can be given quickly. They can be brought from various retailers at different denominations.

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3. Paypal Gift Card

Well, PayPal is the fastest way for the online transfer of money. For using this one can only add prepaid gift cards to the wallet and then start using them during checkout just like any other credit and debit cards. Naturally, you can pay with Visa, American Express, and Maestro card wherever PayPal is accepted.

And yes, unlike Amazon, PayPal debit card can be used to purchase various other gift cards. Itunes can also be used using PayPal. Using the app store requires an Itunes account. So during account opening, the purchase can be made using the PayPal gift card. To redeem the PayPal gift card, one needs to login to the account.

PayPal has the top priority for security. During redemption, one needs to provide the correct bank details for the high-security purpose. PayPal can be used to send and buy various gift cards of different brands to relatives and friends. The gift card is chosen and amount to be paid is paid using PayPal.

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4. Skype Gift Card

Skype card can be redeemed by a Skype account. Redeem your card can be clicked and then the voucher number on the back of the card is being written. Then simply enjoy the credit.

Oh, your friend is abroad. Got to talk a lot? Then simple. Get your monthly subscriptions using the Skype gift card. Texts can also be sent quickly using the Skype gift card.

The Skype gift card credit can be transferred to another account. It is quite a convenient way to use the SMS, calls features for free using the Skype gift card which is not free though. Skype to Skype calls is free while if someone has to make a call to the landline or send texts on mobiles, then he has to take advantage of the gift card or monthly subscriptions.

Skype credit can be transferred only to one email address, and the redemption can be done through one Skype account. And there is also a policy for the conversion of currency under redemption if the Skype account is in another currency, which is a great help for the people staying abroad.

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5. Dominos Gift Card

Domino’s provides unique gift cards. Treat your beloved ones to make the special occasions more enchanting. Domino’s gift cards are available at and can be redeemed at various Dominos outlets across India within a certain valid period.  For home, delivery enquires about the gift vouchers and then enjoy having pizzas at home with family and friends.

Dominos gift card cannot be used with any offers, and it is valid above a certain price. The gift card cannot be exchanged for cash. These gift cards can also be brought from paytm at lower prices.

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