Do you use Facebook regularly and do you think you know all about it? Well, you might be living in a misconception as Priscilla Chan husband and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has added so many features and opportunities to explore the giant social networking site created by him. Today we are going to disclose the top 8 Facebook tricks that you might not know even if you think of yourself as a Facebook genius. These secret features, which even Priscilla Chan, might not have tried using, can help you make more out of the world of Facebook.

8 Facebook Tricks

Top 8 Facebook Tricks You Might Not Know

Below are some amazing and unique Facebook tricks you might not know, check it out.

1. Text shortcuts for all your favorite Emojis

Do you spend a lot of time searching for emojis that you would like to use? Forget to search for the right emojis to explain every emotion on Facebook. Try out entering text shortcuts that will help you enter the right emojis in your texts. Some frequently used ones include:


shark (^^^)

middle finger [[midfing]]

not bad [[notbaad]]

horny 3:)

2. Download your entire Facebook history

Did you know, you can keep all your Facebook data, ever since you joined Facebook at one place? Isn’t it interesting? Well, just follow the below written steps to do so:

  1. Go to Settings > General Account Settings
  2. Scroll down the list of Settings
  3. You will find a link that says Download a copy of your Facebook data
  4. Just click on that link and wait for the download to start. Please see that if you have been on Facebook since years, it might take a little while to download.

Now that you have all the data you have ever put on Facebook, you should be very careful about storing it. This is a big responsibility.

3. Getting bored? Play a game

Bored? Play a game

There is a hidden basketball game in messenger. Not many of your friends would have heard about this one. Become the first one to know about this in your group and boast of it among friends. This is one of Facebook’s worst kept secrets. It is an addictive time-sap game. It allows you to challenge your friends to shoot some hoops directly within the chat window.

In order to play this game, just send your friend a basketball emoji and then click on the sports-themed pictogram. This will start the game over your chat. The high scores of both players will be logged in the feed.

4. Identify Your Stalkers

Facebook had recently started Facebook Stories, which is a function that allows you to upload photos or videos that only last for a 24-hour period, something very much similar to the Status feature on WhatsApp. Facebook Stories allows you to see who views them and what specific ones have been watched by them. So, this is one way to know who still watches your stories every day and is interested in what you do, even years after you last worked together or visited the same school.

5. Who unfriended you?

Are you curious to know who unfriended you? Visit Who.Deleted.Me to find out when you get unfriended on Facebook and who did that to you. But don’t crib about it or take it on your self-esteem or something like that. in fact, you can get to know who isn’t interested in being connected to you and that can help you maintain a safe distance from them and not look like a pile on.

6. Stop Facebook from sending you Birthday notifications

Facebook always notifies you of birthdays in your circle but sometimes, it becomes just too much. You are not always keen of knowing about the birthdays of everyone you have added on Facebook. Now you can switch off birthday notifications on your phone. Go to Settings > Notifications > Mobile and deny the celebratory reminders. However, be prepared to hear the kind words when you forget your best friend’s birthday the next time!

7. Turn off auto play videos on Facebook

Sometimes the auto play videos on Facebook seem too irritating and also end up using a lot of your internet packs unnecessarily. You can turn them off.

Turn off auto play video

Go to Settings. At the end of the list, you will spot Videos. Here you have to look for Auto Play Videos and switch the Default option to ‘Off’. That’s it.

8. Link Facebook to your Twitter and Instagram accounts

Do you hate managing half a dozen social networks every time you have something to update? Just link your other social networks to Facebook so that they also get updated every time you update Facebook. It will save you a lot of time.

Facebook tricks can be a bit tricky but knowing a few of them can actually enhance your user experience while using the platform.