The past decade has been the most successful as far as the advancement of technology is concerned. From auto drive vehicles to 3-D printers we have moved a long way which made our life simpler. But, the progress in technology is not only restricted to these domains, we have seen the involvement of technology in education and learning as well which made learning across the globe not only simpler but also economical. I will not talk about the technological use of learning in profundity, I will keep it restricted to CAT preparation as this is something very close to my heart, and I know exactly how technology is used in CAT Preparation.

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How usage of technology is changing the face of CAT Preparation

Check out, how usage of technology is changing the face of CAT Preparation from below.

How to use Facebook for CAT preparation?

We have seen the popularity of social networking websites; they are connecting people across the globe. Facebook is the most popular social-networking site with more than 1.94 billion users in the world, just imagine how many users can connect with each other and share crucial information with each other. Facebook has helped the aspirants in their CAT preparation as well. There are a large number of groups and pages on CAT preparation where students, mentors, teachers connect with each other. These groups and pages are handled by the teachers who takes online courses for CAT preparation or the aspirants themselves.

How to use Whatsapp for CAT preparation?

The groups for CAT preparation are also active on Whatsapp where students interact with each other and exchange doubts and relevant information related to CAT. Unlike Facebook, the number of participants on Whatsapp is restricted to 256 which I believe is more efficient as the spams can easily be managed with 256 participants as compared to no limit members on Facebook.

It is like a virtual classroom with the similar experience of a class. There are many advantages of joining a Whatsapp preparation group, the aspirants from various regions adhere to the group and share different questions of different sources which will help us to get a gist of what exactly be the kind of questions that might be asked in CAT. It improves the concepts and the issues just in front of our Smartphones we can never miss out of anything important.

How to use Quora for CAT preparation?

Merely joining the groups is not enough, CAT aspirants goes through many ups and downs during their preparation expedition. Many questions revolves around their mind like, How to start the preparation for CAT, Which study material to refer to different sections, How to improve in a particular parts etc. These are some of the frequently asked questions by the CAT aspirants. For this, Quora plays an important role, aspirants post their question on this medium and request for the useful insights from the users who have expertise in these areas.

Online CAT Coaching

Online coaching for CAT preparation has been gaining a lot of popularity lately, as these are economical, time efficient and the quality of learning is at par with the classroom coaching programs. You can prepare and attend the classes at the comfort of your home by just having an access to the laptop/PC and an internet connection. How do online coaching works?

Once you enroll for an online course you will have access to the entire course content where topics are explained in the form of video presentations. The topic wise solved example are also described through the same medium. Unlike, a classroom program you don’t need to wait for a class to commence, you can start preparing at your availability of the hours and the worry of missing a class would not be an issue.

Online coaching classes also conducts live classes for doubts clarification. These are usually carried out on the weekends where students mail their doubts and these are discussed by the faculties in the class. These classes plays a very important role in the CAT preparation as you come across the doubts shared by other students who enrolled in the course which will help you to build your concepts in all the areas.


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