Awesome Apps to Make Your iPhone Camera Quality Simply Rock:

Whenever you head to a beautiful destination or come across a piece of artwork, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Of course, you want to capture those precious memories, but even though you capture the pictures with perfect angle, still the outcome is not less than a disaster.  Now, if you are an iPhone user you can probably relate to it, we all are aware of the pain of poor image quality of this most sorted out and lucrative brand. To put it in more simple words, Apple iPhone camera quality sucks So here we have listed some of the Best Free Camera App For iPhone.

Even an amateur can’t help but notice that the images taken with your mobile phone don’t do much justice to the fantastic subject. Although, there is an option available for you to invest in a good camera, which by the way, would be an additional expense, and not to mention less convenient route for you. Wouldn’t or not it’s merely awful if one camera that you just have already got (that is your phone) does the job absolutely for you?

Best Free Camera App For iPhone

In this post, I’m going to share some solutions to make your iPhone’s camera quality higher. No, I am not going to teach you to Photoshop or how to use the editing apps to clear up the image. I am merely sharing with you some apps that may bring them nearer to quality photos. There’s simply no manner that any app can bring your phone camera’s photos start off as fabulously and, as naturally like an expensive camera. However, it will take a minimum of bringing your pictures very much closer to its level. Take Your Photography Sky-High with 3D Robotics Solo Drone Camera.

The good news is now less time will be spent in editing photos that would still not look good and, more time spent enjoying the beautiful memories that control to almost perfection that they would look just like real.

6 Best Free Camera App For iPhone to improve Your Camera Quality

Following are the six apps, so let’s explore them:


Best Free Camera App For iPhone

If you are the one who has experienced various exposure, color or highlights, then this fantastic app is a treat for you. Some of the features include almost full control over exposure, white balance, shutter speed, display rule of thirds fill, flash and, it even finds light and dark theme for each shot, isn’t it simply cool for your iPhone camera quality? Though, its best feature is its manual focus control. This app is available at App Store for just $1.99. This app is a quick fix for all those who just love capturing every moment of their lives with unmatched perfection. 

Nightcap Pro

Anyone who takes photos at night knows what a near to impossible task it is. But the great news is Nightcap professional permits you to require clearer and brighter photos even once there are limited light choices. The most effective issue relating to this app is that it uses AIDIE (Artificial Intelligence derived ISO and exposure) that’s what makes users experience the first clearer, brighter and best footage they might capture even once they are low on lightweight. The app prices around $1.99 within the App Store that I guess isn’t an excessive amount of to extend your iPhone camera quality.

Horizon Camera

Horizon camera offers you the luxurious to shoot your videos horizontally while not you having to maneuver your camera to form it for convenience for you to shoot an ideal video. So, next time once your friend captures your video, allow them to capture you horizontally as we tend to don’t want a missing factor, do we? And with horizon camera, it’s been created possible. So now get rid of shooting the video again and again and take advantage of this superb app available in App Store for absolutely free. 

Cortex Camera

Cortex is another beautiful app that enables you to capture sleek shots with low lighting, without showing grainy or blur that sometimes happens once using a flashlight or any brightening tool to create an image brighter. This app provides you best result whereas not making it look artificial or pretend, neatest thing 0.5 is it even enhances shadows and brightens the darker areas to create your icon look completely excellent, and leave folks complimenting on your photography skills.


Camera+ is another great app; it can serve both as an editing suite for the iPhone but can also be used as a complete replacement camera app if you want it to be. Its features include a timer and a stabilizer mode. This amazing photography will make you leave your professional camera gear at home. It’s a versatile app as compared to the stock app. There are plenty of things you can do with this app, for example, you can adjust saturation, blur, exposure and much more. It’s an equal match for your digital camera when it comes to controlling over your image quality. Another excellent thing about this app is its Light box integration.

The light box is a pretty neat feature; the Light box takes the pictures you capture and hold them in a staging area for editing or deleting. It will only import to camera roll if you specifically press a Save button, this way it doesn’t let your camera roll get cluttered.  It’s one hell of an all-in-one camera replacement app that’s packed with some amazing features. It only costs about $1.99, can be downloaded from App Store.


Now, this is one app that’s my personal favorite. It’s so simple to use that anyone can just pick it up and use. This is the Best Free Camera App For iPhone because it simply saves a lot of your time if you managed to get a decent shot from your camera that requires minimal editing, that’s when this app comes in handy, it lets you edit small details in the least amount of time.  With a tap of a finger you can choose editing options, adjust perspective, compare the original one with the edited version by tapping the photo, and you are done, it’s as simple as it. And guess what this app is absolutely free of cost.

So what about your picks? Which apps do you prefer to use when editing your photos for personal or commercial use. We would love to hear about your favorites apps in the comment section. Which are your favorite apps and why? That’s all, for now, folks, hope you liked reading about these wonderful apps to improve your iPhone camera quality and now feel free to add something I missed.