Today I’m going to share an article regarding best apps for your iPhone. Now a day’s iPhones are much in demand among people of every age and the reason behind it iPhones stands for high quality and secure iOS. You will hardly find an issue regarding viruses in iPhones. But sometimes  iphone wont turn on. In this situation you can take help from Apple care centers.  We all know that the, App store in iPhone is far better than other google play store. It provides professional camera quality. IPhones mostly supports all the apps that an android can’t. One more reason of popularity of iPhones among people is its brand value and its make people to feel rich.

As I have already told you that iPhones are popular because of its app supportive features so now I am going to give you information about the best apps which are best suited to your iPhone device.
Here are the apps:
1. WLPPR – This is a wallpaper app that is not dependent on vowels. It is an app which is crafted with due care. Every image will give you an explanatory copy related to what you are looking at. You can bookmark your favorite images for later and can apply custom blur, and then download the imagery in various sizes. You can see a preview of how your wallpaper will look by clicking on eye button on the screen so that you can select best wallpaper as per your choice.
2. Mood– It is an app which helps in adding a visual style to your writing. It gives a fast bright light to simple thoughts. It is very simple app to use, you just need to start typing and Mood will reformat your text. Now open the styles draw and you can swipe between all kinds of appearance. Once you will have completed this your literary pieces will be converted to a jpg file i.e. image. You can save this file or you can share it on social media for better safety.
3. Today weather– it is an app which is used to take a look on weather forecast. When you set a location on this app it immediately shows you the current condition with a representing photo. You can also see the prediction about coming hour and days like UV index, and pressure, the chances of imminent rainfall, moon time etc. you also have choice to see conditions and temperatures from five different providers.
4. Steller- Steller stands for story teller. It is an app used for stories. After opening this app clicking a picture will move you into a story text content is almost lost in this app because pictures explains you everything. It is very simple to create a story yourself. First you need to pick a theme import up to 15 photos and videos, add a template with each page and then you can share it with the world. Your output will be best enjoyed in storyteller app.
5. Infinite music– By using this app you can rediscover your music library by smart play with remix and mashups. This app will read all the DRM free music on your iPhone makes a remix and mashup from it and plays the output. In other words infinite music makes your musical journey interesting.
6. Vanido –This is one of the most interesting and entertaining of all. If you are of the opinion that your singing voice is very unhappy so you should use this app to make it happy. Vanido works as a personal music teacher. It is like an instrument with which you can spend time to improve your voice. Vanido works by starting with short vocal exercises that change daily. You will also receive real time feedback so that you can check your pitch accuracy.