Running Android apps on Windows PC is not possible without an emulator. However, many people don’t have an own Android phone, but they have own Windows PC or laptop. Thus, they can’t run and use Android apps without an emulator. Here, we listed our Top 5 Best Android Emulator For PC which you can use to run Android apps or to play your favorite Android games like Nintendo games which you run it through Drastic DS Emulator apk on PC.

Before we get started, let me explain to you,

What is an Android Emulator?
An Android Emulator is one type of windows software which is capable of installing Android apps on Windows operating system as well as to run Android apps. However, Sometimes apps developers use it to testing their apps before publishing on play store or internet market. So that, If there is any error or problem on their apps, they can solve it before publishing.

There are many popular & useful apps and software on the internet which are only available and made for Android devices or phones. Thus, Windows users can’t use it, doesn’t matter how much they love any app. That was not possible in the past to use Android apps on PC, But after developers developed an emulator for Windows, you can install any Android apps on Windows PC or laptop.

Check out our Top 5 Best Android Emulator For Windows from below list.

Top 5 Best Android Emulator For PC (Windows)

Here, are our Top 5 Android Emulator For PC which is the best for your windows. You can choose any of them according to your requirements and windows system.

1. MEmu Player

Best Android Emulator

If you are asking me about the Best Android Emulator, then I will always suggest you Memu. However, earlier I was used bluestacks then I got to know about Memu player. I downloaded and used it. Personally, I love it more than bluestacks. Bluestacks also great and best Android emulator. But, personally, I like interface and performance of Memu. One of the Cool Android Emulator For Windows 7.

Mainly MEmu player made to play high-end Android games. All high-end games are working smoothly without any lagging on MEmu player. Memu player supports and runs on all latest Android version like Jellybean, KitKat, and Lollipop. You can use any of them as you wish. The emulator supports various hardware configurations like AMDA, Nvidia, and Intel HD graphics as well. You can install it on Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10.

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According to MEmu team, Antutu benchmark result is highest than all latest android phone such as Samsung Galaxy Note 5, S6, OnePlus Two, etc. The main feature which you will like is that you can create multiple instances as you wish and can run it at the same time. The emulator comes with root mode which you can unroot by clicking on setting icon, as well as you can change default device id/name, IMEI number, phone number, etc. To make sure changes will work, you need to restart the emulator.

In the last, If you are asking for my opinion then MEmu is the best choice for you. You can download it from below download button.

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2. Bluestacks

Best Android Emulator

Bluestacks is the best and popular Android emulator ever for Windows PC. Bluestacks is the multi-tasking Android emulator and capable of running & use multiple apps at the same time.

Bluestacks 2 comes with multi-tasking capability which is very useful feature for a multi-tasking person. At the same time, now you can play the game as well as can chat with your friends or can reply to your friends on WhatsApp or any other messaging app. The interface of multi-window looks like a chrome and other browsers as well as works same.

The newer version of bluestacks has options like set locations, increase/decrease volume, shake the screen and much more. From welcome screen, you can search your desired app in the search box to download and install on your bluestacks from play store. The main screen will show you all trending, top and favorite apps/games in the different category. It’s latest update is the Best Android Emulator For Windows 10.

If you are asking for my opinion, then overall it is the best android emulator to run and use Android apps on your PC. You can download it from below download button.

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3. KO Player

Best Android Emulator

KO Player is another best emulator for game lovers as well as for those people who want to run Android app on their PC. The emulator’s interface is similar to MEmu player and works like it. It specially designed for playing high-end games smoothly and without any lagging.

The emulator comes with features like set location, import apk files, shake the screen, capture screen, increase/decrease volume and much more.

The latest version comes with the optimized homepage, reduce the package size, increased gaming experience and fixed some bugs. Developers team also added App Center in the recent release.

Overall, KO Player is the same emulator like MEmu players and works great. I used this emulator in the past and was work well. You can download it from below download button.

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4. Nox Player

Best Android Emulator

As like other Android Emulators, Nox player specially designed to play Android games on Windows PC. Nox player is suitable for highest gaming performance, smooth and plays games without any lagging and compatible with all the main Windows version such as Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10.

This emulator comes with Android 4.4.2 version and 100% consistent with the x86/AMD processors. It comes with a bigger screen which increases your gaming experience. It has search option where you can search and install your favorite games on Nox player. Also, it has an option to change gaming settings to gives best gaming performance. As well as, You can create a custom skin within a minute with this emulator.

Overall, if you love different flavors like changes skins, game settings then you can go for this. You can download it from below download button.

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5. Droid4X

Best Android Emulator

Droid4X is another best Android emulator to run Android apps on your Windows PC. But, it’s a little bit different from other Android Emulator. However, it works like VirtualBox. You can use Droid4X to install and use Android apps on your PC.

Droid4X has an option to set custom location. You can also use it as a remote controller to control your Android phones and tablet from your Windows PC. It’s compatible with all the main Windows version such as Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10.

The official version comes with the online download which is not okay at all. However, to make it easy, we uploaded offline version. You can download offline version from below download button.

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Those are our top 5 best Android Emulator For PC. Each has their features and specifications. You can choose it according to your requirements and windows system.