I am running Windows 10; suddenly my computer’s internal hard drive stopped identifying by the system. Don’t know how to deal with this situation? Do you have many important files on the system hard drive? There can be a number of reasons why your hard drive stops detecting by the system, just go through the below content to know the various possible reasons for an undetected hard drive.

When hard drive stops detecting by the system because of whatever reasons, then user loses a hard drive as well as the sensitive data stored in it. However, the data recovery from the hard disk possible with the help of software like Stellar Phoenix Windows data recovery – Home but only, when the Windows system detects the hard drive.

There are 7 possible reasons which make the drive invisible to the system, please read below:

Hard Drive Not Installed Correctly: It happens many time when your hard disk does not installed successfully in the computer system and become invisible in Windows Explorer. The reason behind the unsuccessful installation of the drive can be non-compatibility of drives driver software. To troubleshoot this issue user need to update the drive software by going through the device manager.

Follow Below Steps to Update Derives Driver Software:

  • Just Open Control Penal Go to Device Manager Click on Disk Drives
  • All the drives connected to your system will become be visible under Disk drives
  • Do right click on the problem drive and click on update driver software.  

Hard Drive Not Enable in BIOS Settings: Disable hard drive in BIOS setting is another possible cause for an unrecognized hard disk. If the drives are not enabled in BIOS setting then automatically they will not appear in the Windows Explorer. When the drive stop recognized by the system, then you should check your drive status in BIOS setting.

Refer Below Steps to Enter into the BIOS Setting:

  • Turn off the computer system
  • Now, press the power button to turn on the system and instantly press Esc key continually until unless the start menu appears.
  • After this press F10 to enter into BIOS setting

Once you enter into the BIOS setting, use the down arrow key to go to the secure boot and to modify the setting to Enabled.

  • After changing the drive setting in BIOS press enter key to save the changes.

Bad SATA Cable: When the drive stops recognized by the system then do not think that your hard drive has failed as this may be happening because of the bad SATA cable. In order to make your drive accessible again, change the SATA cable to connect your hard drive to computer system.

Windows Registry Problems: 

The Windows registry is fundamental a huge internal database hold important, system specific details related almost all things in your system:

  • System Related Hardware’s
  • Installed  Drivers and Software’s
  • Settings of System
  • Profile Info

If Windows Registry Problems is occur in your system then you need to repair windows registry problems.

Same Drive Letter: The same letter name of the drives may also cause drive invisibility issue in Windows. If you insert the drive, which has the name same as the existing drive then drive will appear in the disk management and not in Windows explorer. To resolve this issue, you need to change the drive letter by going to the disk management window.

Referral Steps to Change the Drive Letter in Disk Management:

  • Just do right click on the “My PC” and click on manage option to open the Computer Management Window.
  • After this, click on disk management option under the Storage. All the local drives available in the computer will appear.
  • Just right click on the drive, whose drive letter you want to change and click on change drive letter and path.

Once you change the drive letter of the drive just safely remove that drive and reconnect it into your system to see whether it starts detected by the system or not.

Virus Attack: The malware and virus attack are the most common reason, which affect the health of the hard drive and because of which sometimes they become inaccessible in computer system. You should use a trust worthy antivirus to scan the virus affected hard drive to make it usable again.

Conclusion: Hard drive can become invisible any time and because of any reason. When your system stops recognizing your hard drive then don’t think that your drive is failed. There are many other factors, which make the drive inaccessible.