Are you a businessperson? Moreover, have the desire to create a logo and want trademark for your business? Just apply for a trademark registration in Turkey to protect it from being used by other users.

Maybe you all know what trademark symbolizes? If yes, it is good. If no, then there is no need to worry about it at all because in this post I am going to share essential information about it.

What is trademark registration?

A trademark is defined as unique or a graphic symbol that represents the logo, design, phrase or mixture of the logo, designs, word or phrase of your company. In legal terms, it is also known as brand name.

The trademark registration is used to differentiate the services or products of your company from other similar services.

What all things you need to provide for trademark registration?

For trademark registration, you need to give a signed or authorization letter that allows registration authorities to apply for your trademark. Once you received your authorization or signed letter, the registrar starts with several procedures such as preparing your documents, create the application online and pay all the necessary fees.

After completing all the procedures, you will get a confirmation of your request from the registration authorities to use the trademark symbol next to your business, products or services.

Even you can hire trademark registration consultants online in Turkey to complete the entire registration process.

How much time does trademark registration process take?

After giving authorization letter, the procedure of trademark registration application is done instantly or within a few hours.

After the application made by consultants or business owners, the registrar takes the appropriate time to confirm the registration and offer the registration certificate for your trademark. After all the formalities you can use the trademark symbol next to your business.

Why is trademark registration in Turkey important?

Following are the reasons that offer you various advantages of using trademark symbol next to your business, services or products.

#1: Trademark helps you to protect your business name so that your competitors cannot use the similar brand name, symbol or design. By doing so, it gives your business a unique and different identity.

#2: One of the major advantages of using the trademark is it aids to escalate your business value in the market. Along with this it also makes the reputed image of your company in front of your customers, investors as well your partners.

#3: It also helps in controlling your brand name which is used by other businesses.
Trademark registration is considered as the most cost-effective and fast method to use your business name legally. In that case, if you also want to take the benefits of the trademark registration, just go through this post.

Finally, I would like to suggest that trademark registration consultants online in Turkey allow you to build a unique image and reputation of your business.


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